The raw materials used are weathered rock and serpentine rock, which are only available at Longpi vilaage in Manipur. Longpi is well-known for its age-old stone pottery art – Longpi Hamlei (Haandi). Longpi Hamlei cookware has gained popularity all over world and is being supplied to premium and niche markets across the world.

The two rocks are crushed to a powder and mixed with water in a ratio of 5:3 to form a clay-like consistency. The dull-brown mixture is squeezed the entire day and flattened on a wooden board for the initial slab work. Every item is shaped by hand with the help of molds and tools as no pottder wheel is used. Once the clay has dried and is hard enough, it is taken to an open huge fire and heated for 5 to 7 hours at temperatures over 1000-1200 degrees centigrade. The pottery is taken out when still hot and scrubbed with a local leaf known as the machee giving it a smooth finish.

The raw materials used in the pottery are completely natural and no chemicals are used, ensuring that food prepared in them does not have any adverse health effects.

Bamboo Tray Black Stone Pottery

Bamboo Stick Tray

Starter Serving Tray Black Stone Pottery

Starter Serving Tray

Tea Kettle Black Stone Pottery

Tea Kettle

Wine & Tea Kettle Black Stone Pottery

Wine & Tea Kettle

Sugar Pot Black Stone Pottery

Sugar Pot

Nut Server Black Stone Pottery

Nut Server

Beer Mug Black Stone Pottery

Beer Mug

Italian Server Black Stone Pottery

Cheese & Bread Serving Tray


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